Story's Real Estate Fees

from 01/01/2020

ESTATE ESTIMATE Free or € 190 incl.

The first step before the sale or rental is to complete our evaluations, which are documented, quantified and objective.


As part of a seriously planned marketing project, we offer this service for free.


As part of a request for an evaluation for tax, estate or other reasons than marketing, the estimate is invoiced € 190 incl.


A Story's advisor specializing in your geographic location will be dedicated to you.

TRANSACTION Fees charged to the seller

For all agency sectors: Paris IDF - Le Touquet - Bourgogne - Rhône-Alpes - PACA

Selling price

up to € 100,000

from € 100,001 to € 300,000

from € 300,001 to € 500,000

Fees including tax




Selling price

from € 500,001 to € 1,000,000

from € 1,000,001 to € 1,500,000

from 1,500,000 €

fees excluding




REAL ESTATE HUNTING Fees charged to the purchaser

Our research fees are in the amount of 2% including tax of the amount of the property acquired.


Before signing the research mandate, we define your needs together in a set of specifications: budget, district, area ...

RENTAL Rental of bare or furnished accommodation

Our fees are divided equally between the lessor and the tenant (article 5 of n ° 89-462).


Services included in our fees:

- promotion of the property,

- tenant search,

- visits,

- advice and negotiation,

- constitution of the file,

- presentation (s) of the rental file (s),

- drafting of the lease,

- drafting of the inventory of fixtures.


Fees charged to the lessor: 15 € TTC /


Fees charged to the tenant: 15 € TTC /


Consult our page "Rental management" for all the information on our management prices.


Our fees for investment advice missions abroad vary depending on the destination and the amount invested.


Contact us for your project.


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