Investing Abroad



Acquisition and Sale

How do I Guarantee My Property?


The countries which Story's chooses to direct you are part of the EU. You then benefit from economic, political and legal security for the investment.

Beforehand, we take care to check all

information from local property lawyers and managers . When purchasing, you have a translated title deed, as well as a cadastral document.



Should I be present on-site for the purchase?


The main objective of our company is to reduce all the constraints related to investment

abroad, including trips to the location.

Today, 90% of rental property investments are made for sale in the future state of completion (VEFA). However, our team regularly visits investment sites

and can meet you on site, to introduce you to its local partners and advise you

on the most relevant sectors of the city for

an investment.

Will there be a tax to pay for selling my Property?


As in France and in most countries

around the world, real estate value is subject

to the tax rate which varying by country. Nevertheless, Story's selects for places where the taxation encourages real estate investment and where the capital gains tax is much lower than in France. These conditions vary by country. Your Story's advisor will provide you with more precise information according to your situation and your project.



What are the potential setbacks

before a sale can be completed?


The time between the purchase offer and the signing of the final sale varies from country to country. Generally, the acquisition procedure times in most European countries are faster than in France.


For example, acquiring real estate in Hungary can be very quick. If all the conditions allow it, the whole procedure can take just ten days.


Investment Management

If the Apartment requires Maintenance or Renovation Work, Who will do it?


If necessary, our contacts on site allow us to be in contact with prime contractors.

Depending on the nature of the work, we take care of site monitoring while keeping you informed of its progress.

Is my Apartment Abroad Insured ?


As in France, all real estate

in Europe must be insured. Our services include taking out home insurance and the corresponding premium will generally be paid and deducted from the rents collected


Who manages my apartment

on-site ?


Before proposing a country or a city to invest in, Story's has ensured that partnerships with managers

and local real estate agents have already been established . Depending on the project, we will provide you with the contact details of the organization managing your property on site.



What Happens in Cases

Difficulty with my Tenant?


Story's directs you to countries where laws are made to encourage real estate investment.

First, the on-site management organization will manage the conflict, then our partner lawyers will step in if the situation requires it. In comparison with other European countries, remember that the many laws that protect the tenant make

France a country at risk for the investor.



As a French citizen, does my asset Abroad enter the Calculation of the IFI?


The general rule is that the taxation of the IFI is established for all property held in France and abroad by the persons making up the tax household.

However, for certain countries, the bilateral tax conventions with France make it possible to deduct from the calculation of the IFI the value of the real estate properties held in these countries. For more information on these more technical points, we invite you to contact a STORY'S advisor.



What taxes do I have to pay on my income abroad and How should I pay them?


The countries to which STORY'S advises its investors have for the most part precise tax treaties with Franc,e avoiding double taxation. Therefore taxes are due in the country where the investment is located. Rental income will be added to your tax return in France, in the "other income" category and does not require additional tax payment. Our services also provide advice and arrangements regarding local tax.

In the event of an inheritance, what is theApplicable Law and What Happens to My assets Abroad?


Movable and immovable property is governed by

the same law. This law will be that of the State in which the deceased had his habitual residence at the time

of his death, or that of the nationality of the deceased if he had designated it before his death as the law applicable to the settlement of his succession. For example,

the estate of a Frenchman established in Portugal will be governed by Portuguese law for all of his property, wherever it is, if he has not designated French law to govern his succession.

In this situation, many will prefer to submit their succession to their national law, which is more familiar to them. The expression of this choice is called

“Professio juris”.


The applicable law must be explicitly designated in the context of last will, including a will.

A French citizen  living in another country can therefore designate French law in this way.

The Regulation having universal application,

the law of habitual residence may be that

of a State not party to the European Regulation.

Protection of spouse and children varies

from one state to another. Expatriates should therefore

ask a notary about the laws

in force in their host country.


Funding & Fund Transfer

How can I finance the acquisition?


This is an important question when you want to invest abroad. It is the financing that will define the investment possibilities. There are three ways to finance a property acquisition outside your country.



Having all the funds for the acquisition of a property abroad allows you to make the investment as soon as possible. The funds are transferred directly through the notary (or local lawyer) for the registration of property and do not pass through Story's at any time.

Thanks to the tools we offer, the investor can benefit from the best exchange rates, save on the "handling fees" generally billed by most banks, while keeping security during the transfer. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from these tools.


Via the Banks of your country:

Borrowing in your country for the acquisition of a property abroad can slow the process considerably because the banking establishments ask for more stringent guarantees than for a "traditional" loan. Having less visibility on foreign markets, it is generally requested to have real estate assets or funds in France which may be mortgaged or pledged.

PLEASE NOTE: in certain cases, despite an authorization in principle for financing via a bank in France, the procedures for acquisition abroad are not always compatible with the provision of funds. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Via the Local Banks:

It is quite possible to borrow abroad. As a citizen of a member country of the European Union, you can take out a loan from a local bank based in an EU country. You should know that the rules then applicable will be those of the country in which you take out the loan.


The personal contribution generally requested is 30% to 50% of the price of the property.

Is it difficult to transfer

Funds between Bank Accounts

in France and abroad?


Today, it is very easy in all banks to set up transfers to or from abroad. On the other hand, these transfers have a certain cost which should not be overlooked.

To keep costs as low as possible

and optimize the profitability of investments, Story's offers you a secure solution.


You will benefit from:

- Better exchange rates than your bank

- Fastest payments on the market

- A secure and easy to use platform

- Email alert to target the best rates

- 24/7 customer service



Can we benefit from an effect
of Leverage during an Investment

Abroad ?


Credit rates in France are currently very favorable for investment, while the rates of return on certain real estate investments noted by STORY'S are higher: a real leverage effect can then be envisaged.

However, for an acquisition abroad

credit institutions will ask for more

guarantees only for an investment in France.


Is it necessary to have a foreign account   ?


Opening an account abroad is recommended but not obligatory. An account opened in the country of investment makes it possible to reduce bank charges and take advantage of exchange rates at the right times. However, opening an account in the country of investment is not an obligation.

As part of our services, we take care of the procedures for opening an account with an international bank in your name.

and with your prior authorization.


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