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Browse our interactive map of prices and real estate information, districts by districts, and in each Parisian arrondissement ...

Essential for signing a compromise, a promise to sell,

or an authentic instrument, discover the information contained in a dated statement

and a dated pre-report.

The choice of real estate investment abroad: where and how to invest in order to conserve, grow and transmit your heritage?  

By Morgan BONIN, partner at STORY'S  

Photo Budapest investissement locatif en Europe

Attractive Taxation:

Invest in Budapest

Discover in this article the peculiarities of Hungarian taxation on rental income for French investor and tax resident (income tax, IFI, capital gain, ...).  

By Guillaume NORMAND, partner at STORY'S  

Photo Tour Eiffel Story's Agence Immobilière à Paris

Urban Inventions in Paris

over time

Story's study: discover how inventions and urban technical progress have transformed the city in streets, buildings and interiors.


By Guillaume NORMAND, partner at STORY'S  

Photo article Story's conseil en placement immobilier

Club Immobilier International:

Interview with Morgan Bonin

Invest in Hungary to play on a local and international trend. Analysis of the real estate market in Budapest.

By Ingrid LABUZAN, RC Club Immobilier International  

Photo façades achat location appartement à Paris

Parisian facades

While walking in Paris, it is possible

to differentiate dozens of architectural styles. Discover in this study the evolution of buildings and town planning over time and eras.

By Guillaume NORMAND, partner at STORY'S  

Photo article Story's agence immobilière Cluny


to the European Capitals ...

At the head of his property sales company in Europe, Morgan Bonin works in Paris but returns regularly to Cluny in Saône-et-Loire.

By Martine MAGNON (CLP) and published by the JSL  

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